Caution: FXCENTRAL IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OTHER FOREX BROKERING COMPANY. Or Opened any Brokering Company in a different name.
We are still in the business as FXCENTRAL and very much alive. Please ignore any rumours & stop being misled.

FXCENTRAL Technologies

We have brought the highly innovative technologies with multi tier and tier 1 ECN access via Meta Trader with unique FIX protocol based deployments, this technology offer direct and transparent execution at real market available for all market participants.

As the today traders requirements needs highly demanding and high speed access and trading at direct market levels, in order to full fill this needs we offer a multitier ECN platform with direct API interfaces were the trades are carried at best bid and offer available from other banks and electronic system, so generally speaking the spread is misnomer in our platforms and its better be called as “ Best available Bid and Offers” directly displayed to trade at true market executable price, so not only all orders are “ Straight through Processed “ but also we offer environment and order routing mechanism to get them filled at best available price.

All Meta Trader and institutional platforms are managed via dedicated US data centres backed by industry professionals with commercial grade support and updates.

Advantages of FIX PROTOCOL

Advantages of FIX protocol powered ECN rather than bridged mode routine ECNs and STP processing:

  • Direct Market Access with true bid and offer available with direct access interface for execution.
  • Market execution capabilities with instant fills on next available bids and offers.
  • Unique order management capabilities with institutional platform access.
  • Pure scalping allowed as you are just trading with market where it is available, no order restrictions and stop loss restriction of any kind.
  • Unique back office functions with hedging allowed with no FIFO restrictions.
  • Direct API offered to institutional platform to make use of advanced technologies at retail trading level.
  • Level I window is available with Institutional platform to give better transparency to trading participants.